Bromeliads are excellent indoor plants. They have colorful, long-lasting inflorescence and some have brilliantly colored foliage as well. Bromeliads also readily adapt to the unfavorable growing conditions that exist in most homes. 


  • Light- Like many other tropical plants brought indoors, bromeliads like nice, bright light but no prolonged periods of direct, hot sun. In nature, they grow under the canopies of other plants where it’s bright but direct sun is limited. They’ll survive for a while in lower light conditions but will loose their coloring over time.

  • Water- Bromeliads can adapt to withstand drought, but are much less tolerant of being over-watered which can cause root rot. It is important that your bromeliad is planted in a pot that allows for fast drainage. Each time you water the potting medium, thoroughly soak it so that the water runs from the drainage holes. Don’t water the bromeliad again until at least the top two inches of potting media are dry.

  • Soil- Bromeliads love rich, organic matter in their soil but they must have excellent drainage. Orchid mix is an option for potting up or I use a mixture of Cactus Mix. A good additive to create a rich soil is compost or add coco coir, which is a more environmentally friendly alternative to peat moss.